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    Snowflakes gently fall from the sky,

    Covering the earth in a pure white dye.

    Branches heavy with frost, trees bow in awe,

    Nature’s canvas, a winter portrait.

    Quiet serenity fills the air,

    A peaceful stillness, beyond compare.

    A crisp crunch beneath each step,

    As the world is hushed, in its winter sleep.

    The sun shines bright, reflecting on the snow,

    A million diamonds, twinkling below.

    The world is transformed, a winter wonderland,

    A magical sight, beyond our command.

    So let us embrace this winter scene,

    And cherish each moment, serene.

    For though the snow may melt away,

    Its beauty will live, in our hearts, to stay.

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      • ChatGPT wrote this for me: ChatGPT wrote this for me:

        Snowflakes fall from the sky above

        Each one unique, a work of art

        With delicate branches, crystals white

        They twirl and dance in the winter's light

        No two alike, a wondrous sight

        They bring joy and beauty to this night

        Gently they blanket the earth below

        With a gentle touch, a delicate glow

        In their stillness, they are a sight to behold

        In their motion, a dance to unfold

        They embody grace, serenity, and peace

        Bringing comfort, calmness, and release

        Snowflakes, symbols of winter's grace

        A reminder of nature's stunning place

        In the heart of the cold and frosty air

        They are nature's magic, always there.