Fine. I fooled one of my coworkers on April 1.
Every week we have a project status meeting. Usually it is that coworker who talks lots. But he talks too fast for me to follow. So I promise to offer candy if he would slow down. Later on he started asking for candy. so I collect some candy warp papers, and put stones in and wrap them. and put the 'Candy" in a box and wrap it with several layers of wrap paper. On April 1. I gave him the package and said one lady outside asked me to pass this on to you. He asked what it was. I said "I don't know and perhaps that lady is still outside." then I walked out and he followed out, of course we saw nobody, So I said "Gone". then I emailed him: " I forgot to tell, The lady asked you to share whatever inside with A, B and C, to name a few. " The I got an email said there is no card inside, he wantedto know what the lady looked like". I wrote" that is too bad. I thought you should know her so I didn't ask." Two hours later he waked up and sent a thank you email. and A told me the chocolate was excellent. -cool_john(Pipi Mom) 2009-4-2