can't agree with you;

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1) Financial sector take ~ 40% of total value of US SEC market; the rest 30% of Basic Material and ~20% high tech stuff ~ 10% for all the rest ;
if C goes under, can you imagine how many more years US gov just to create a net for it to globalize it's financial system;

2) I believe High-Tech company like Notel has profound difference compare to Big financial giant like C; High-Tech company come and go very common; Apple use to be 5$ per share if no IPod products probably it already gone; 3COM, SUN, Yahoo, you name it , so many of them ; if anyone dies, I don't think it's a big deal;
but financial system is complete different; people trust them not purely by their high-tech products but mostly by reputation that created through long time; US gov just don't have time to build a new system and let C or AIG die;

I just can't imagine that US gov can continue battle the financial war and out put the US $ to the world if it lose the top big instutions it creates through centries;
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