读读news,并购啊!!BHP Billton一直对potash情有独钟.看看下面的

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Plenty is going on and I loaded today, as it is give away. But, the best is yet to come. I would not waste anybody's time to explain. Here is an article that should make APi holders salivate:
Canadian potash juniors: Prime BHP takeover targets

Don Coxe, one of North Americaa's best regarded mining gurus, reckons that a trio of Canadian junior potash explorers will be key takeover targets for BHP Billiton.

Author: Marc Davis
Posted: Wednesday , 24 Jun 2009

Vancouver, BC (BNW News Wire) -

Canada's trio of small but well-financed potash exploration juniors - Western Potash (TSX.V: WPX), Potash One (TSX: KCL) and Athabasca Potash (TSX: API) - are obvious takeover targets for potash-hungry BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company. So says Don Coxe, one of the investment industry's leading experts on commodities.

Chicago-based Coxe is the chief strategist for Canada's Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund (TSX: COX.UN), which was named after him by the BMO Financial Group, the big-league investment banking firm that runs the fund.

BHP Billiton has already stated that it wants to be a "major" player in the potash industry within the next decade. And it is already hard at work developing the world's largest potash mine ever. Located 150 kilometres east of Saskatoon near the town of Jansen, it will eventually produce eight million tonnes per year mine and is scheduled for commissioning in early 2015. The mine will cost upwards of Cdn. $2.5 billion to build.
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