Day 22~10月18日,2021年,晚上。。。中:“读书的长度是需要锻炼的,当你每天多增加一点阅读量,你自然会习惯,你的人生就会慢慢变得厚实,你的内心就会变得生动、善良、细腻、美好。”

英:It takes time to extending your reading time. When you increasing your reading every day, you will get used to it. Your daily life will become rich, your mind will become interesting, kind, gentle and beautiful.


-starxing(星 💫 之愿) 2021-10-18
Your daily life will become rich.这句可以翻译得更贴切。
-curve(curve) 2021-10-18
-starxing(星 💫 之愿) 2021-10-19