Last Saturday was the day that definitely needed GPS when driving on countryside roads under darkness.
After attended an event & delivered a presentation, I drove back at night when fog blanketed the area with almost zero visibility. I felt that I lost directions and became disoriented. There was extremely hard to see the roads and signs, no reference point to relay on. It made me to connected this to a similar experience in a life: when we lost sense of life purpose, lost the directions in life and couldn't find a reference point, that is the time we need to go inner-wards, to build our inner GPS, and to find the inner reference point: our own HEART. -sh20030(Sherrythejoy) 2017-1-24
In this situation, the best way is stop and wait, instead of trying to drive around, even you think you have the help of some technology and inner strength. Do not put yourself in the danger situation.
-ysysning(樱桃三果 ~) 2017-1-24
You are right. Thank You.
-sh20030(Sherrythejoy) 2017-1-26
Thanks for your sharing, I am learning from your experience too.
-ysysning(樱桃三果 ~) 2017-1-26