Anyone has experiences with Shepherd's Flock YMCA Child Care Center? Is it good? I find kids there are very quiet. Not sure whether this is a good sign or not. Thanks!
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-13
一般般。附近好的daycare 有Erb st. west 300来号的Waterloo Infant and Toddler daycare.
滑大东南角有个Paint'in place, 背面体育馆背后有两个,也都一般,但是感觉好像比Sheperd's flock好一点点。自己和朋友的孩子曾上过其中四家。 -mideng(迷迷糊糊) 2010-8-14
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-16
Anyone has gone to butterfly daycare? Is it good?
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-18
-godislove(爱游泳的鱼) 2010-8-18
多谢! 是否知道Paintin' Place的口碑?去看了一下,老师还挺nice,校舍实在不敢恭维,总觉的室内味道不好,孩子是否更易生病?
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-18
-godislove(爱游泳的鱼) 2010-8-20
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-23
不知道SUPERVISOR换了吗? 7年前不怎么样. 那的老师也不怎么样, 总之别的地方没位置时, 它那总位置.
-lily72ca(lily72ca) 2010-8-23
Thank you for the input. Very helpful. I myself got throat pain after being in that day care for a10 minutes, so I decide not to consider it any more.
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-26
Anyone knows where I can find rating of the day care centers in KW area? Thanks again!
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-18
I don't think there is ratings for daycare, the best way is to talk to your neigbours and friends.
-kk722(鼠来宝) 2010-8-26
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-26
学费怎么算,我去 上面看不到价格信息
-littlebird0(littlebird) 2010-8-27 -symyms(summer) 2010-8-28, scroll down then choose the categrary under FEE on your left
-symyms(summer) 2010-8-28
Thanks! So expensive!
-littlebird0(littlebird) 2010-8-28