Please be careful
Hi: This student is gradurated from Alberta University of Electrical Engineering at 2000. His name is Edmund Fung. He came to work in Nortel in Ottawa. He called me I am his best friend in Ottawa, and watch what he did to me.. Please be careful everyone, cause it might happened to you... please see the attachment.. -ocean0005(ocean) 2002-7-5
no attanchment
-mqu27(泥泥燕) 2002-7-5
copy and paste
-mqu27(泥泥燕) 2002-7-5
you know how to paste pictures?
-ocean0005(ocean) 2002-7-5
just post the URL
-antmm(xiao ant) 2002-7-5
Please look at the following URL: -ocean0005(ocean) 2002-7-26