Gone系列之 My ICQ chatting record with graydove
Bury it Whisper disappeared in the tide of time and the icq number 62869540 is obsolete. Some stories never happen again, so bury it. Whisper's info on ICQ: Female 23, birthday on feb 14... graydove: male...just check other info by yourself... -------------------------------------- ICQ History Log For: 46752177 graydove Started on Sat Feb 12 09:13:34 2000 -------------------------------------- Whisper 2/2/00 10:30 AM where are you? graydove 2/2/00 5:36 PM hello, my hew friend here graydove 2/3/00 12:22 PM i'm in shanghai. hi, i left yesterday without noticing your message. nice to meet u. i don't know whether i can meet u before chinese lunar new year, so anyway, happy new year! my new friend! graydove 2/11/00 12:08 PM u must be extremely happy on feb 14th Whisper 2/11/00 12:09 PM why? you will send me a bundle of red rose? graydove 2/11/00 12:10 PM not me. double happiness on that day. your birthday and ... graydove 2/11/00 12:11 PM forget it. hehe Whisper 2/11/00 12:11 PM what's the gift you send me? graydove 2/11/00 12:12 PM what gift? u mean the gift for birthday? graydove 2/11/00 12:12 PM sorry, have i sent u a card for new year? Whisper 2/11/00 12:13 PM not yet... graydove 2/11/00 12:14 PM a greeting card i designed Whisper 2/11/00 12:15 PM thank you... Whisper 2/11/00 12:16 PM let alone the red rose... graydove 2/11/00 12:16 PM can u browse "flash" animation? graydove 2/11/00 12:17 PM hehe graydove 2/11/00 12:18 PM d u know flash? Whisper 2/11/00 12:18 PM I haven't had a try about flash playing graydove 2/11/00 12:19 PM i send u a greeting card made by flash now. u can have a try graydove 2/11/00 12:24 PM 谢谢你的信任 Whisper 2/11/00 12:24 PM It works, thank you I've known something about flash... Whisper 2/11/00 12:25 PM why say that? graydove 2/11/00 12:26 PM if i had sent u virus... graydove 2/11/00 12:27 PM don't worry Whisper 2/11/00 12:28 PM why? graydove 2/11/00 12:29 PM 我觉得你很信任我, 我很感激,我之和你聊过两次,你就敢收我的文件 Whisper 2/11/00 12:31 PM If there's virus I can kill it or reinstall the system form the very beginning ma... graydove 2/11/00 12:32 PM great! next file will contasin virus, accept it ok? hehe graydove 2/11/00 12:34 PM soory i have searched for virus in my computer . fail! u r lucky! Whisper 2/11/00 12:35 PM I'm just bold enough to accept all you know, I've got cih in my PC, but never kill it.... graydove 2/11/00 12:37 PM oh. so ...experienced ... what pc game d u like best? Whisper 2/11/00 12:39 PM I never play it graydove 2/11/00 12:41 PM www.51home.com 再次推荐 Whisper 2/11/00 12:42 PM Is it edited by you? graydove 2/11/00 12:43 PM i'm a member. graydove 2/11/00 12:44 PM d u like western pop song Whisper 2/11/00 12:46 PM not at all just listen some of them from the radio graydove 2/11/00 12:48 PM sorry to have head that. i designed and edited www.51home.com/music / if only u liked pop music Whisper 2/11/00 12:50 PM I'll visit it later... graydove 2/11/00 12:52 PM no,if u don't like pop music u can choose not to visit.. ok? Whisper 2/11/00 12:54 PM I like you so I'll also try to like the music...: ) graydove 2/11/00 12:54 PM u must be work addicted Whisper 2/11/00 12:54 PM why? graydove 2/11/00 12:54 PM hehe, thank u. whisper. u r frank graydove 2/11/00 12:55 PM i made a guess without any reason. haha. just want to astonish u and then stab... hehe Whisper 2/11/00 12:57 PM You're so tricky...and sweet... graydove 2/11/00 12:58 PM sweet? none has use this adj to describe me. sweet is like ur name . gentle graydove 2/11/00 1:03 PM hi, silence lasts too long................. Whisper 2/11/00 1:04 PM I've made a bad joke on a net friend... graydove 2/11/00 1:04 PM what's that Whisper 2/11/00 1:06 PM I told him I am a boy as he is.... and when he got frustrated, I told him I was joking he's hurted now... wanna say bye to me.... Whisper 2/11/00 1:07 PM I'm trying to console him....but it's too late... graydove 2/11/00 1:07 PM no, i don't think so. although i'm not sure about ur sex i'm sure that the boy will feel happy to have talked with a girl graydove 2/11/00 1:07 PM he will come back graydove 2/11/00 1:08 PM i'm a girl? Whisper 2/11/00 1:08 PM A vulnerable boy... Whisper 2/11/00 1:08 PM come on.... Whisper 2/11/00 1:09 PM What's your most favorite cosmetic brand ? graydove 2/11/00 1:10 PM tell me how many boys u have wounded in your life. tell me the most important battle in youelife. graydove 2/11/00 1:11 PM too old test for sex. i refuse to answer. no fun at all Whisper 2/11/00 1:11 PM Tell you the truth I'm a boy! graydove 2/11/00 1:12 PM good, to be frank and bold is your nature Whisper 2/11/00 1:12 PM That's it.... Whisper 2/11/00 1:13 PM You like it? graydove 2/11/00 1:13 PM so answer the same question . tell me how many girls u have hurt. graydove 2/11/00 1:13 PM hehe, why not? Whisper 2/11/00 1:14 PM only one graydove 2/11/00 1:14 PM don't tell me it's ur mum Whisper 2/11/00 1:15 PM It's my first boyfriend and the last for now... graydove 2/11/00 1:16 PM "girl friend check ur spelling Whisper 2/11/00 1:16 PM I've got confused by myself graydove 2/11/00 1:17 PM hehe, wouded boy got a loss. can be forgiven Whisper 2/11/00 1:18 PM just try to change the sex to the opposite... graydove 2/11/00 1:18 PM no, it's dangerous Whisper 2/11/00 1:19 PM He's a very shy boy who's also a top student in his class graydove 2/11/00 1:19 PM i'm listening. go on with ur story Whisper 2/11/00 1:20 PM We had public classes together once he happened to sit by my side... that's the beginning we got to know... graydove 2/11/00 1:21 PM en Whisper 2/11/00 1:22 PM I could feel his amity on me, but he seldom speaks graydove 2/11/00 1:22 PM oh, yeah. so u attack him at first . hehe Whisper 2/11/00 1:22 PM His face turned red from time to time... graydove 2/11/00 1:23 PM ur prey graydove 2/11/00 1:23 PM kidding graydove 2/11/00 1:24 PM hehe, forget waht i said . Whisper 2/11/00 1:24 PM He's all talking about the lessons and subjucts around the study.... graydove 2/11/00 1:25 PM good boy concentrated in study. good. Whisper 2/11/00 1:25 PM I think he's a very honest boy and a kind of reliable graydove 2/11/00 1:26 PM u r seeking a wall? graydove 2/11/00 1:26 PM this boy is good . but then... Whisper 2/11/00 1:27 PM So I just keeping slime back as he's narrating graydove 2/11/00 1:27 PM to be a good listener is the goled way to win love graydove 2/11/00 1:28 PM golden way Whisper 2/11/00 1:28 PM It's nearly the end of the class did he ask me if I'd passed the CET 6 which acctually I hadn't passed through graydove 2/11/00 1:29 PM what d u whisper to him then? Whisper 2/11/00 1:30 PM So he'd like to be a volunteer to lend me some books on it and to teach me on other weak subject such as maths Whisper 2/11/00 1:31 PM So that's what I wanted... graydove 2/11/00 1:31 PM lent u books? he is ... that communicated Whisper 2/11/00 1:32 PM I didn't catch your idea... graydove 2/11/00 1:33 PM 你像孙柔嘉-围城里的 graydove 2/11/00 1:34 PM lending books to u is a way to convey his attention... i mean Whisper 2/11/00 1:34 PM we then started to go to the classroom together to "study" graydove 2/11/00 1:35 PM 呵呵 Whisper 2/11/00 1:36 PM he respected me too much than what a girl needs Whisper 2/11/00 1:36 PM and he's a patient helper graydove 2/11/00 1:36 PM significant sentence graydove 2/11/00 1:36 PM what a good boy! graydove 2/11/00 1:37 PM grasp the chance. don't let him go graydove 2/11/00 1:37 PM so then... Whisper 2/11/00 1:38 PM It's several months later that he had caught my hint to invite me to the cinema... graydove 2/11/00 1:39 PM u r more patient than him. hehe good hunter Whisper 2/11/00 1:39 PM he maybe had detected my favor of him graydove 2/11/00 1:39 PM go on, i will be good listener graydove 2/11/00 1:40 PM everything is going on in a correct way Whisper 2/11/00 1:40 PM He's always in the movie you know.... graydove 2/11/00 1:41 PM always in the movie? what d u mean? Whisper 2/11/00 1:42 PM I saw him cinch his hands and might be falling deep think of something... Whisper 2/11/00 1:43 PM I'm a little unease about it graydove 2/11/00 1:43 PM hehe graydove 2/11/00 1:43 PM so Whisper 2/11/00 1:45 PM we went out the cinema after the film over, where the lovers were hugging together pacing Whisper 2/11/00 1:46 PM he made a rush--- he hold my waist suddenly which made me a little frightened graydove 2/11/00 1:46 PM oh, yeah, good description graydove 2/11/00 1:46 PM no, not u Whisper 2/11/00 1:48 PM As being scared and the first response I push him away... graydove 2/11/00 1:49 PM oh, he should be a good boy. u should forgive him. Whisper 2/11/00 1:49 PM he seemed to be greatly hurted, as not knowing what to do next Whisper 2/11/00 1:50 PM with no words, just walking on... graydove 2/11/00 1:50 PM hehe, one of my friends told me the same scene but he is a boy. that giel was too brave so he was frightened graydove 2/11/00 1:51 PM good beginning Whisper 2/11/00 1:52 PM I kept up with his pace, trying to smooth his wound graydove 2/11/00 1:52 PM then Whisper 2/11/00 1:53 PM he went the the wide dark playground, and I followed him by side graydove 2/11/00 1:54 PM which university? Whisper 2/11/00 1:54 PM The air's rather cold there and he's just keeping say sorry to me.... graydove 2/11/00 1:54 PM which university? Whisper 2/11/00 1:56 PM TELL YOU LATER and them some cliche academic topic graydove 2/11/00 1:57 PM his specialized field Whisper 2/11/00 1:59 PM It was later (about 11 pm.) and he companied with me to the door of my dormitory Whisper 2/11/00 1:59 PM saying good dream to me.. graydove 2/11/00 2:00 PM sweet...... Whisper 2/11/00 2:01 PM I can help saying something to him any more... or he'll be down to the world.. Whisper 2/11/00 2:02 PM I told him "you're so timid" Whisper 2/11/00 2:02 PM which gave him great braveness later.....hehe... graydove 2/11/00 2:02 PM ic. he should have persisted his first action, but he gave up. graydove 2/11/00 2:04 PM why not encourage him? u r also responsible for that Whisper 2/11/00 2:04 PM next time he inteded to hold me I accepted willingly I'd never let it fly away graydove 2/11/00 2:05 PM good Whisper 2/11/00 2:06 PM The time we were together was just like a song drifting in the sky... graydove 2/11/00 2:07 PM good sentence. i can write the same but i have no the true experience Whisper 2/11/00 2:07 PM although he wouldn't say sweet words tooo much I did feel happy graydove 2/11/00 2:08 PM really? Whisper 2/11/00 2:08 PM As it drew near the the final of the term the problem emerged graydove 2/11/00 2:09 PM he should leave shanghai? Whisper 2/11/00 2:10 PM No he's a junior them I really need him to be with me every minute... graydove 2/11/00 2:11 PM oh. Whisper 2/11/00 2:12 PM but it's against his principle he should try to get the scholarship, so he had to study hard, leaving less time to be with me... graydove 2/11/00 2:13 PM such a good boy. he is not to blame Whisper 2/11/00 2:14 PM I don't think the schoolar ship is something important as relative to ME (just a few hundred yuan) Whisper 2/11/00 2:15 PM and he'll be no problem to pass all the exams with a sound score even without preparation graydove 2/11/00 2:15 PM http://www.cocacola.com/gateway.html 非常精彩的flash Whisper 2/11/00 2:16 PM so I let it be... graydove 2/11/00 2:16 PM excellent Whisper 2/11/00 2:17 PM I leave him time and amuse in my own way... dancing , making new friends, go shopping.... graydove 2/11/00 2:19 PM en. a good match Whisper 2/11/00 2:20 PM Another boy went after me who I got to known in the ballroom he's more active and sweet than the former one...he's also richer graydove 2/11/00 2:21 PM hehe,richer??! ur former friend is richer in knowledge Whisper 2/11/00 2:23 PM but his knowledge's somehow poorer than the former one so I make them a parallel boyfriends,not letting the former one know it... graydove 2/11/00 2:24 PM u have told a lie! u must have hurt at least 2 persons.hehe Whisper 2/11/00 2:25 PM It made my life colorful... unless one day I found what a great fault I've performed Whisper 2/11/00 2:26 PM no, the richer boy had got one girlfriend, but just wasn't in Shanghai.. graydove 2/11/00 2:26 PM colourful.你很色.so what was th e tragedy then graydove 2/11/00 2:27 PM one more person was hurt. the spirit of fox. hehe. graydove 2/11/00 2:28 PM 你知错了吗? Whisper 2/11/00 2:30 PM When I finish dating with the richer one( let's call him DDD) and on my way to the dormitory, the former one(let's call him AAA) stopped me with his face distorted.. graydove 2/11/00 2:31 PM a pair of invisible hands r ..... help!help! Whisper 2/11/00 2:31 PM AAA told me he had saw me walking shoulder by shoulder with another boy... graydove 2/11/00 2:32 PM no enough evidence. u can get away Whisper 2/11/00 2:32 PM I told him it's my normal friend (I think he's easy to be cheated) Whisper 2/11/00 2:34 PM he stopped and just rap a word "I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING" graydove 2/11/00 2:34 PM 尬好俄男生被侬骗,侬真是 Whisper 2/11/00 2:37 PM he would searching for me all over the studying buildings sometimes after 9:15 pm he did so and it was 9:30 the light had went out and I was hugging and kissing with DDD close to the window of floor 5 graydove 2/11/00 2:38 PM 侬看看 Whisper 2/11/00 2:38 PM where I had guess no one would come to graydove 2/11/00 2:38 PM 呵呵 Whisper 2/11/00 2:40 PM My heart broke on hearing AAA would apart from me once and ever Whisper 2/11/00 2:41 PM That's the time when I knew who I love the most... graydove 2/11/00 2:41 PM old saying : one always treasures the thing hehas lost Whisper 2/11/00 2:43 PM but that's too later, Tears bursting down my face and I cried,"Brother, don't leave me alone" (I called AAA brother) graydove 2/11/00 2:44 PM 像武侠小说,怎么喊大哥? 有味道 Whisper 2/11/00 2:44 PM there's also story later with AAA but it's the highlight I told you Whisper 2/11/00 2:45 PM the unviversity is Shanghai University of Finance and Economics graydove 2/11/00 2:46 PM it's over. so d u have a wall to depend now. Whisper 2/11/00 2:46 PM And it's high time to tell you the truth AAA is me Whisper 2/11/00 2:47 PM so later...see you le.... thank you for listening graydove 2/11/00 2:47 PM good story graydove 2/12/00 2:52 AM thank u graydove 2/12/00 3:00 AM so hurry. hehe. 你不至于吧. 伤的那么深,说伤了一个人,结果是自己. 佩服. -rayofdiamond(Ray) 2002-8-1