Kitchener Homer Watson &Ottawa street 又搭起了儿童游乐场,有旋转木马等小孩子可以做的ride. 每个ride大概2-3块钱。今天晚上带儿子去了,玩儿的很开心
-javaelk(果丹皮) 2010-8-20
-kw9925(kw) 2010-8-20
-sharon9701(zhuzhu) 2010-8-21
-hgej(PEO) 2010-8-21
谢谢 :)
-sharon9701(zhuzhu) 2010-8-22
-sharon9701(zhuzhu) 2010-8-21
We went there too on Saturday, fantastic even for younger kids. Does anyone know when they are leaving? We still got a few coupons left.
-kk722(鼠来宝) 2010-8-23
It's over already.
-elvading(Elva) 2010-8-23
这。。也太快了吧!刚听说,然后就没了。。 请问这种游乐场还会在其他地方搭建吗?这叫什么呀?
-sharon9701(zhuzhu) 2010-8-23
别的地方还有没有就不是最清楚了,好象这里折掉后,会去WATERLOO那片。 但KITCHENER这里的这个点每年两次,一次在四月,一次就是在八月。
-elvading(Elva) 2010-8-24
Really? Then what shall I do with my coupons? :((((((
-kk722(鼠来宝) 2010-8-24
-elvading(Elva) 2010-8-24
Thank you so much. Too bad, my daugter only tried two rides on Saturday. Did anyone see them in Waterloo?
-kk722(鼠来宝) 2010-8-24
busker festival in waterloo. google it for details.
-elvading(Elva) 2010-8-24
Just talked to my co-worker who's grown up here, he said that usually the fairs won't take the token even for the next day. Anyway, there will be big fall fairs in Paris and New Hamburger. Google it if anyone is interested.
-kk722(鼠来宝) 2010-8-24