Bransle de Poitou (Adrian Le Roy)

Easy Guitar Song Series

Bransle de Poitou

By Adrian Le Roy (ca 1520 - 1598)

A branle, also bransle, brangle, brawl, brawle, brall(e), braul(e), brando (in Italy), bran (in Spain), or brantle (in Scotland), is a type of French dance popular from the early 16th century to the present, danced by couples in either a line or a circle. The term also refers to the music and the characteristic step of the dance. This dance was written by Adrian Le Roy (ca 1520 – 1598), who was an influential French music publisher, lutenist, mandore player, guitarist, composer and music educator.

The song is selected as one of RCM (The Royal Conservatory of Music) preparatory grade pieces.

Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 108 - 116 BPM
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Bransle de Poitou (Adrian Le Roy)