《Out of topic ~聊天篇》☎️


事情是这样子的,像往常一样,有客人进来我就招呼一下、介绍产品。今早来的是一个西人顾客,我一看“😯、要讲英文。”开头,我就说了一句“How are you? “他回我一句“Good.、thank you. “我就让他自己看,我站在隔壁。他就问了几个基本的问题,我就回答了。

过了5分钟左右,他的电话响起,出于礼貌,我就站远一点。不过,他说电话的声音很大,我也大约听见了“Hey, I know you’re doing your job. But I didn’t want to getting in trouble for myself ,such as any scamming . Don’t call me next time! “

当他说完电话,他就转身跟我说了一句,“Do you ever pick up a call from a dust cleaning company? “ 我一听“😯……Oh yes,. They keep calling me since around 2018 on my cell phone. Eveytime I tell them don’t call and blocked the phone. But they still can call me . Sometime they call our company’s phone number. “那客人就说“Uh...They follow you. “ 我就接着说“Yes, during the Covid , they didn’t call me. After the reopen of all business, they called again. I spoke to him on that day like that” Hey, Long time didn’t hear your company’s call. How is everyone? It is glad to hear your company reopen. .. But he feels no patience with chitchat , he asked me directly : Do you need our service? I say, not need for now. “


然后,那个客人就教我“Don’t talk too much with them next time. They only calling for asking business. Sometimes your voice will always be recording. Who knows who can access to those voice. Now the technology is out of our control, just be safe for you: speak briefly and hand up the phone next time. ”我就说了一句”Oh, you’re right! Thanks very much for telling me. I know how to do next time.”

之后,我们回到”Our topic”。。。客人跟我确定了要下那一个订单,他就付费,我也再跟他说一次谢谢啦。。。

哈哈哈😄😄,就这样的,我又学到了一些新的“常识”:这也是我今天上班的一个“Out of topic ”的收获。


(8/31/2022 @ 12:55 pm, 写于上班中,午饭🥣后,落班前😄)

(12:15 pm 构思,12:55 pm 成文~我的速度又飞跃进步啦……😁)

-starxing(星 💫 之愿) 2022-8-31
《Out of topic ~聊天篇》☎️
-moonhalf(石室矢) 2022-8-31
-starxing(星 💫 之愿) 2022-8-31