Can you introduce your experience of long distance telephone service?
I'm going to change my long distance phone carrier. I have experience with 世界通 and 亚洲电讯, both make me feel uncomfortable. I've planned to switch to 大通(primus), but I just read an article saying that Primus is very bad. So I'm quite puzzled. Can you kindly share your experience of long distance service with us? Thanks in advance. -sailor(Sailor) 2000-5-8
Introduce mine first.
I used the service of 世界通 for less than 2 months. It takes too long time to get connected and the carrier charged some unconnected calls. Currently I'm using the service of 亚洲电讯(AIC). The connection is quite fast, but the voice quality is so so. Many times it broke during the conversation and I had to re-dial. (At least I've met 15 times! Averagely it broke once every two calls.) The worst thing is although AIC is my long distance telephone carrier, I cannot dial long distance numbers directly!!! I've made at least 7 phone calls to AIC, they just didn't care my complain. So the only way left for me is to switch off. That's my experience. Hope it's helpful for you and I'm eagar to hear yours. -sailor(Sailor) 2000-5-8
Introduce mine first.
I now use calling card. VIP and Jumbo are good.
-guest() 2000-8-17
Primus, 29 cents/min
voice quality: Voice quality is good enough for me. Better than small companies. voice quality is related to voice compressed rate. a standard rate is 64k/second. Small company makes it to 4k or 8k. Big companies like bell and primus do compression too, but the rate is much lower. The game is: telephone company buy, for example, a 64k voice circuit from Bell. Then it devids it to 8 circuits each of 8 k. it sells that 1/8 big circuit at 1/2 of bell's price. Why bad: hard compression makes Fax impossible and produces echos, noise, intervenes also, speak slow costs more. How to test: try speak fast in both sides, if no intervene or echo, it is ok. Suggest: Primus Canada. -long-river(long-river) 2000-8-22
Primus, 29 cents/min
8月起,香港电讯的中国话费降到.28/min. 我目前在用它,感觉是几家里最好的.
-sailor(Sailor) 2000-8-17
How's the cost for Canada and US call?
-guest(guest) 2000-8-22
usually 7 cents for AT&T in States or Bell in Canada. but if you can get good calling cards, less than 1 penny per minute.
-guest() 2000-8-22
how to apply for long distance?
Hi.sailor Would you tell me how to apply for 香港电讯 long distance? Please email to, thank you very much. -samyou(sam) 2000-9-3
Call the number to subscribe with 香港电讯:416-860-1828, 604-668-9898
-sailor(Sailor) 2000-9-3
maybe you can try WorldLink. It's cheap, easy to dial, and quality is good.
-lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-10-3
Thanks for your experience! I'm concerning it also. Do these companies need Monthly Fee? I hope I can find one without monthly fee.
-howru(How are you?) 2002-10-2
-fatboy(胖墩儿) 2002-10-2
-z24(⌒⊥⌒™) 2002-10-2
how about this? Mixfhone called me sevearl days ago, but I didn't turn to them yet.
-ningxin0809(雁影行洲) 2002-10-3
HKT has changed the owner twice and I feel the service is not good now. In fact I'm thinking about switching away... Any person has good suggestion?
-sailor(野苹果) 2002-10-3
-ffa500(橙色) 2002-10-3
but Bell has a monthly service charge.
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
-ffa500(橙色) 2002-10-3
do u still use Bell? it's $4.95 + tax
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
-ffa500(橙色) 2002-10-3
oh, sorry. that's my second year with Bell.
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
I have used 世界通 for one year, and now I am fed up. The quality is worse day by day. And there is no one to answer the customer service line. Now I switched to WorldLink.
the rate is 11cents to China, and 7 cents to North America. Direct call. Although they are using IP, but you don't need to enter any other service number before the destination #, which is convenient. At the same time, I am using IP call service by: 1. DCall, the rate is 10 cents to China. the voice quality is good. But sometimes cannot get through. It's a prepaid service. You can do it online. 2. Phonify. the rate is 8cents plus tax (that is 9.2cents) to China. The voice quality is good. And the charges are accurate. It's a prepaid service. You can do it online. 3. ClearChannel.. the rate is 9cents plus tax. Haven't received the bill yet. But the voice quality is also good. Hope this helps. -lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-10-3
I have used 世界通 for one year, and now I am fed up. The quality is worse day by day. And there is no one to answer the customer service line. Now I switched to WorldLink.
>> ClearChannel.. the rate is 9cents plus tax. Haven't received the bill yet. ???Confused, I thought u switched to Worldlink.
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
Yes, I switched to WorldLink as my long distance company. But ClearChannel provide a IP call service. You dial their service number, then the destination number. It's not a
prepaid service. They would send me bill every month. So far, I have not recive any bills either from WorldLink or ClearChannel yet. Did I make myself clear this time? -lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-10-3
thanks, so the charge will be on your local phone bill. i guess i understand now ;)
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
no. I think they will send seperate phone bills to me, instead of combined with Bell. When I was using Sunny(Shi4 Jie4 Tong1), they sent me a seperate bill every month, and charge me from my check account or credit card.
-lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-10-3
thanks again, but i'd rather to use one provider at one time except of calling cards. btw, i switched to Worldlink too. just want to give it a try to see if it is good. maybe we can share some information later.
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
sure, no problem.
-lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-10-3
by the way, I am thinking of buy a calling card to make phone calls to North America. Do you have any suggestions? TIA!
-lusi(丑小鸭) 2002-10-3
Cici maybe good? some of my friends use it.
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
-fatboy(胖墩儿) 2002-10-3
-henhen(哼哼~~,找工ing~~~~) 2002-10-3
to be continued ;)
-early30s(i am kidding) 2002-10-3
-ppgg(聪明小子㊣) 2004-1-18