What clothes for women should I prepare in China in Vancouver?
-yao(yp) 2000-8-14
downfilled coat and business suits.
-zurg(zurg) 2000-8-14
man, that's in vancouver, dawn stuff is no use at all.
-guest() 2000-8-14
btw, we even don't use it in eastern provinces.
-guest() 2000-8-14
your mean that in toronto downfilled coat is useless? I am preparing the clothes. Do I need to buy something instead? Thanks.
-arthur-lu(al) 2000-8-15
coat is ok, but I do feel if you are healthy, some coats in dufferin mall which were sold for 50 bucks during Xmas are enough for a man. Bring your coat, anyway. But such quilt is no use at all if you are sleeping inside, hehe.
-guest() 2000-8-15