Help!! About going to Montreal.
Help! Recently,a message says that you might be asked to show your CSQ if u want to goto Quebec.Is the message true? My destination of LP is not Montreal,can i reserve the air ticket Beijing-Montreal(firstly landing in Vancouver)? Eagerly waiting for your relying. -sjy(sjy) 2001-2-4
you can, but why do you like Montreal. Having a job is the first thing for our immigrants, you don't have much opportunity in finding a quick job
in Montreal. Remember, as in China, the bigger the size of the City, the more opportunity is there to find a job. Strongly recommend you land in Toronto. Or some people even go to small towns trying to avoid "too many Chinese". Such a consideration is often naive. People make the place better for people to live better. Toronto is the centre of Canada. If I were in Roma's time, I would land in Roma because Roma is the Centre of the world. Now we are in Toronto's time, land in Toronto. -wjiang(wjiang) 2001-2-4
Thanks for ur recomendation.
-sjy(sjy) 2001-2-4
would you kindly tell us what is the full name of CSQ ? we are going to Montreal, but we never heard about it.
-liwangqh(black) 2001-2-5
Certificate of Selection for Quebec
-sjy(sjy) 2001-2-5
thanks for your reply. actually, our destination shown on LP is Toronto, but we would like to Land in Montreal in the Beginning of March, wish there could be no problem. when will you go? could we go together? we are now in Beijing.
-liwangqh(black) 2001-2-5
I plan to goto Montreal at the end of March. Also want to go from Bejing.Maybe we can travel together. We are in Henan.
-sjy(sjy) 2001-2-6