Hello everyone, 我想知道在国内买的笔记本电脑在加拿大能否用。听说加拿大电压是110V 的。
-lilyingarden(Mare) 2000-6-12
I care about that. Another question, I want to bring mainboard, CPU or other accessaries to Canada. Are three any conflicts, I mean voltage?
-perry(至尊宝) 2000-6-12
voltage is 110v in Ca. u can learn from Sailor who brought mainboard with all apps installed before he left china. check previous msg, the questions are already answered. ;-)
-map(恭喜) 2000-6-12
Thank you, Gong Xi. Actually, I sought relevent info, but no result. Sailor, your experience? Sorry to bother you again.
-perry(至尊宝) 2000-6-12
Let me tell you: Laptop(notebook)=> look the AC adaptor whether is 110/220 auto switch( almost all the laptop are designed in this way); for Desktop=> look at rear side around the power outlet, is there a 110/220 switch?
-geleipaul(paul) 2000-6-12
-henryliu(Shaolin) 2000-6-12
I meant I brought the HD from China. That's enough. The price difference between CN and CA is not much.
-sailor(Sailor) 2000-6-12
-swallow(swallow) 2000-6-16
太好啦终于知道哪里能买转换器,谢谢swallow. 枫下论坛真好!
-puppyhome(crystal) 2000-8-26
-guest(guset) 2000-8-26
for every laptop, the power is 110/220 automatic transfered. go to a computer store, pretend to buy one, and check the power adptor, you will find it is noted 110/220. so, feel free to buy laptop to canada.
-long-river(long-river) 2000-8-26